7 Reasons Magento is Secure E-commerce Platform

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The secure eCommerce website becomes a top priority for all online store owners. Either big or small eCommerce website has all customers’ data like User ID, personal information, credit/debit card information. The store owner takes care to find out which platform is best for eCommerce store development.

All platforms have different security command. Magento2 is the most popular platform to develop either small or large eCommerce websites. The reason is that Magento 2 has strong core command security patches. It helps the eCommerce store owner to maintain and secure websites from the fraud hackers.

Here we described Security Reasons to choose Magento 2 for eCommerce website:

  1. Password Management: In eCommerce websites password management is the most common defense in the cyber world. Many users use common password for many services. But the problem is accrued when the same password taken by hackers, they applied it for all services. Magento 2 provides high secure password management tool.  With the A-256 hashing algorithm helps to encrypt arbitrary data of the eCommerce website. That protects customer’s information from the hackers.

  1. Update Patch Security: Magento 2 is an open-source eCommerce platform. Anyone can see code, bugs and which version of the Magento 2 used in the store.Secure your Magento 2 store always updates your store to the latest updated released version. Install security patches in Magento 2, please use a separate server environment rather than a live website. This can help to increase the speed of the patch deployment and ignore interruption on the Magento 2 store. Security patches for Magento 2 is a little bit difficult to install from others.

  1. Prevent cross-site scripting attacks: Secure eCommerce website by preventing cross-site scripting attacks/XSS attacks. This ability includes escaping data during input and output on HTML pages, JSON and javascript coding. Escaping the data makes more secure for the website page. Cross-site scripting/XSS has secure vulnerability helps to validate and sanitizing user input and dynamic value.

  2. Flexible file system ownership and permissions file system: Ownership is helps to secure eCommerce website from unauthorized and harmful people. Magento 2 provides ownership features that prevent the eCommerce website. There are mainly three types of ownership and Permissions Default mode, Developer mode, Production Mode.

  •  A Default Mode: Default mode ownership is a common line user that login to the server and run Magento command lines
  • A Developer Mode: Developer mode ownership and permission file set by shared hosting providing permission using file manager application or command line.
  • Production Mode: In production mode ownership one-owner log in on Magento 2 server as the same user runs the webserver. This one file system ownership is a little bit secure, so if it possible Magento 2 production on the private server instead of the shared hosting server.

  1. Prevention of Clickjacking: Clickjacking is an invisible or malicious cyber attack element that controls the website user’s activity by concealing hyperlink legitimate and redirect user at other abrupt URL. Magento 2 helps to prevent your store from clickjacking cyber attack with the help of X-Frame-Option HTTP header requests. X-Frame-Option header allows the page can display only in <iframe> on the particular origin or same origin as the page itself.

  1. Non-default Magento Admin URL: The backend of the eCommerce website needs more protection. The backend has all data of the eCommerce website like products, catalog, orders, CMS content, customer’s information, front end design, etc… Simple Backend admin URL improves the cyber attack chances by password guessing. Magento 2 helps to prevent the website’s backend from the cyber attack. Magento 2 creates a default random Admin URL  when installing products. CLI command “php bin/magento info:adminuri” helps to see URI if forgotten and to change the URI. Request to Magento 2 store admin to change default admin URL, because it is not secure the website but prevent large-scale automated attacks.

  1. Secure from Malware: Malware is the bug enemy of the eCommerce website. Malware is interrupting at the customer’s personal data and divert at fraud payment. Magento 2 Security Scan Tool is a malware scanner tool that scans Magento 2 store daily/weekly intervals set by you. Mainly scanner time is set when the traffic of the store is less. Scanning time depends on store size.

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