Best SEO Magento 2 extensions for your eCommerce store

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The eCommerce market is increasing at associate unprecedented speed everywhere the world. That’s why, if you’re getting to take your online store to the following level, it’s necessary to specialize in your web site development and promotion.

Well, it’s true! If you wish to form the foremost out of this feature-rich platform, you’ll get to install the most effective extensions for Magento and use them with wisdom. Once you’ve successfully migrated your store, don’t forget to optimize your Magento 2 store, and use the simplest Magento 2 extensions for improved sales.

There is no misunderstanding it Magento is one of the most effective e-commerce platform within the world these days. It will build your online store stand out in terms of aesthetics and presentation, however, that’s not enough to get traffic for it.

If you would like to allow your web site the optimum ROI, you’ll like a number of the most effective Magento 2 SEO extensions of 2019. It’ll provide your web site the natural attractiveness that it has to reach and continue the highest for an awful while.

We have highlighted the list of SEO Magento 2 extensions that will be your driving eCommerce force.


SEO images alt Tags Magento 2 extension is automatically generated SEO optimized alt tags for product pictures. This extension helps to make distinctive and SEO optimized image alt text, instead of default product attributes for product image.

Magento 2 Image alt Tags extension improves the ranks of product pictures in Google image search. And the overall profit is that it improves the overall SEO score of the website. This extension doesn’t impact to the database of your Magento 2 store. Image alt Tags Magento 2 extension doesn’t collect, store and share any user knowledge, thus this extension is GDPR-compliant.


  • SEO alt tags automatically generate for the product image
  • Optimized your image alt text from admin
  • Improves Index of product images in Google image search
  • Improves SEO score of the website
  • Modify the image alt tag on customer requirements
  • Choose Enable/Disable extension Admin


Vendor: Cynoinfotech

Price: $59


Robot.txt plays a very important role when Google and different computer program crawlers index the web site or store. The Robots Meta tag applied within the web site pages that dominant the right index and served in search results. Not got to serve all pages of the web site on the search engines. In most cases, the computer program crawlers don’t get to crawl through your entire web site or store. Therefore, this has to fastidiously choose those pages to index, follow, no index or nofollow.

NoIndexNoFollow Tag Magento 2 Extension modifies the Meta robot tags of the category, product, and CMS pages and custom address. This extension permits you to manage on that pages of the web site ought to or shouldn’t be indexed or followed by Google or different computer program crawlers.

Magento 2 noindexnofollow extension helps to manage the search engines to create web site content in search result pages. NoFollow management search engines to pass the link juice to different pages that prevent the SEO score of the shop.


  • Change the Meta Robot tags of the product, category and CMS pages and custom URL
  • Control website pages should or should not be indexed or followed by Google Crawler and other crawlers
  • Set noindexnofollow on the category pages and on all product of that category pages to stop from the crawlers
  • If you ignore from crawler then applied in CMS pages of the website


Vendor: Cynoinfotech

Price: $55

3.Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2

This is a robust extension for SEO compliance of your online store. Search engines wish you to tune your website absolutely for users and, that will price a great deal to you.

The extension automates most of Magento 2 SEO settings and saves time and cash for SEO specialists! Advanced SEO Suite extension for Magento 2 offers you the final word choices to put together your store made snippets.

A snipping could be a description or associate excerpt from your web content that follows the title and precedes the uniform resource locator and Cached link. Structured information markup for Google Rich Snippets adscititious by our extension is enforced via JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for coupled Data).


Generate snippets for website Products using many aspects of the items you sell, including:

  • item description
  • item image
  • availability of item
  • payment methods
  • delivery methods
  • Product Snippet


Vendor: Mirasvit

Price: $149

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