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What is the Magento 2 Catalog permissions extension?

Magento 2 Catalog Permissions extension is significantly used for limiting a specific group of customers or for whole as a group. You can integrate this extension for controlling the display of product list and prices and selecting the specific group of customers who can have access to such products.

For an instance, various store owners often select the time in which the restriction is valid. Such a feature is extensively when store owners wants to limit the access in particular scenarios like peak seasons or any special holidays. You can use this for your online store especially when you do not have large product quantity and therefore you want to show these only to the logged in customers.

Devise your business strategies for your online store and deliver impeccable shopping experience to your customers by using Magento 2 Catalog Permissions Extension.

How Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permissions works

Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog Permission extension works significantly in improving the visibility of your stores and raising demand of your products during peak seasons.

Through this module, you can easily distinguish between different set of customer groups to streamline your website and optimise its performance. Most importantly, you can hide certain categories or individual products that don’t want to show to that particular group of customers during that moment.

In fact, you can control the display of CMS pages too from any customer group – individually and group as a whole.

Do you know you can hide prices too?

Yes, you can hide prices of products from a specific group of customers. Just visit ‘Add to cart’ button and replace it with the customizable text. Finally, this extension will help you in redirecting those pages for particular customer segments who can have access to your hidden web content.

Sell different products for different purchasing segments by offering customer oriented shopping services at the helm!

Display An Error Message and Redirect To Another Page

When you want to control the access to certain products, you can display an error message redirect your customers to another page or specific URL. This won’t hamper the experience of users and help them shop products that interest them.

Hiding All Categories and Products Globally or per Store View

You can easily hide the categories of products on a global level or as per the store view. You have to use “Hide All Categories and All Products” mode for permanently hiding the products and categories. Further, redirect the customers on the 404 error page. That’s how Magento 2 Catalog Permission extension is working.

Manage the Visibility for Specific Customer Groups

Do you want to hide or restrict some products for all segments except retailers?

Do you want to make a specific category invisible to a selected group of audiences?

All you have to do is redirect the ‘not logged in’ users onto the custom form or registration page. Now, hide the category that you don’t want to make visible. That’s how you can manage the visibility of certain products for certain customer groups without displaying the catalog items.

Customize display of dashboard statistics

With the help of Magento 2 Catalog Permission extension, you can restrict and customise the display of dashboard statistics. This feature will assist you in providing relevant information to your managers ensuring data protection that you don’t want any stakeholder to view the statistics. In case, if you have analyst in your team, you can give access to the statistics only.

Restrict access to reports tab

You can restrict the access to reports tab on sub admin’s role so that you can see data that you really need. This will speed up your data analytical part and help you process the data and workflow significantly at the workplace.

Do you want to restrict certain categories of products from a specific group of customers? Call Cynoinfotech now! Our team will help you integrate Magento 2 Catalog Permission extension on your online store seamlessly.

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