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Every ecommerce store extensively target customers that fit perfect for their online business. They focus on selling products and services to different geographical location for extending the conversion rate.

However, with an urge of strengthening customer base, it is equally important to offer additional services like packaging, delivery, gift packing and more to make a delightful shopping experience. More the services, more will be the spending point and higher would be your revenue.

In order to add additional services, you will be charging extra fees too. So, how to integrate everything into one. Try installing Magento 2 Extra Fee extension. This extension will ease the management and configuration of charging extra fees for extra services.

Let’s discuss in detail-

What is Extra Fee extension for Magento 2?

Extra Fee extension for Magento 2 allows the admin to add extra charges for additional services like packaging charges, insurance, gift wrapping services, and more. This is basically a service based module that allow the admin to charge an additional amount that applies to an order placed by the customers.

Admins will be adding extra fee through –

  • Percentage price
  • Fixed item
  • Charging prices per row
  • Charging prices per item

This extra fee Magento 2 extension will display the data of extra charges onto the check page, cart page, sales emails, invoice, credit memo, PDFs and more. Through this extension you can significantly set the description and title for charging the extra fee by visiting the configuration settings.

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How Extra Fee Magento 2 Extension works?

The extra fee Magento 2 Extension will let you simplify the process of managing your website by adding a new feature of custom extra fee for every order place. The charges will be application at the checkout point. It is completely up to you how much charge you want to levy. This extension lets you charge different fee for different products into the customer’s cart/

Also, it will your sole discretion whether you want to refund the extra fee or not. You can have access to the configuration settings to adjust this feature into your online store. With this extension, you will be able to generate extra fees by adding extra pay blocks at the cart pages and checkout points. This will enable store visitors to shop items considering the charge options that includes product name, SKUs and other attributes.

Key features of Extra Fee Magento 2 Extension :-

Some of the key notable features of Extra Fee Magento 2 Extension are:-

Easy fee set up option

The Multi fees module will let you to apply any additional chargers that includes shipping methods, licenses and certification, shopping cart, products, and more.

Flexibility to add unlimited extra fees

Extra Fee for Magento 2 contribute crucially in setting the name and rule for a specific new fee to add that on the cart summary. So, it’s like when you keep adding the product into the cart, the additional extra fees also keep adding to it. And, when the extra charges are reasonable as per the products added, it becomes a win win situation for both the parties – customers and stores. These extra fees are nothing just the extra service offered and extra convenience given to the customer under additional hiked price.

Tax management with Magento 2 extension

Every product comes with different taxation pricing and requirements. As a result, you can use magento 2 extra fee extension for calculating the taxes in full compliance with the local taxation regulations. These taxes will be displayed explicitly on your online store right under the respective product.

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