How To Restrict Products For Customer Group In Magento 2?

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A growing business has become a challenging task due to significant competitive. Today, online merchants are offering an array of products and deal with different types of customer groups at the helm.

In some of the case, it may happen that online merchants don’t want to display all the product category, products and catalogue for all customers. Merchants must have segregated the catalogues based on prices, age group, quality and many more and therefore they may want to make products available for certain groups only.

So in that case Magento 2 Restrict Products for Customer Group extension comes into the picture. Cynoinfotech came up with the best solutions in helping owners to restrict or block the products or entire store for a specific set of customer groups. All you need to do is install and configure this extension into your online store and deliver impeccable user experience.

Let’s discuss more in detail about the Restrict Products for Customer Groups in Magento 2 extension -:

What us Restrict Products by Customer Group Magento 2 Extension?

Restrict Products by Customer Group Magento 2 extension contributes crucially in restricting or blocking the products or product categories for different customer groups.

Through this extension, you can show specific products to a specific group of audiences based on their interest, taste and preferences. On the other hand, admin can selectively restrict the products and other pages from customer groups.

You just have to create multiple rules for optimizing the visibility of store for specific customer groups. Moreover, you can redirect the restricted users to another page and display custom error message to them. This extension is extensively used for customer groups like retailers, general customers, wholesalers and more.

Some of the Key Features of restrict products for customer groups in Magento 2 are-:

  • Easy to create rules for blocking a particular segment of customers
  • Boosting the product visibility and streamlining online store
  • Restricting the entire store or hiding the prices
  • Hiding the product category from wishlist, search results and compare lists
  • Displaying customer error and redirecting to another URL
  • Bringing multifold sales revenue and significant traffic on your online store

How Does Restrict Products for Customer Groups Magento 2 works?

Magento 2 Restrict Products for Customer Groups help merchants in boosting the visibility of store by offering a unique store view to each customer group. This extension is simple and easy to install and configure.

Admin has to set the rules from the admin panel and block the pages or store content for a specific customer group. Admins can easily hide the product categories, CMS pages, specific products or even entire store from a particular group of customer.

You can design a specific custom error message that will drive a significant user experience and redirect them from one to another page when needed.

Restrict Catalog By Customer Groups & Store Views

If you want to block the catalog for certain group of customers, you can use Restrict Products for Customer Group in Magento 2 extension. This will optimise your store visibility and boost sales conversion at the helm. Use this extension if you want to attract a specific group of targeted customers.

Restrict entire Store or certain Products and CMS Pages

Store admin can restrict store or certain products and CMS pages and set conditions based on ‘sale’,  ‘new’ or ‘SKU’ for certain group of customers. You can also use ‘Category’ attribute for blocking all the catalogue of online store.

Hide Static Blocks from particular set of users

With the help of this extension, admin can hide the static blocks and restrict the visibility of content on your online store. If you still find it difficult, contact Cynoinfotech now!

Do you want to bring multifold revenue to your online store? Install and configure the Restrict Products for Customer Group in Magento 2 extension now! We are here to help you.

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