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Shipping is an integral element of the eCommerce business. When the brick-and-mortar business plans with starting online, they need to focus on strong and strategic shipping solutions.

At Cynoinfotech, our Shipping Price Per Product for Magento 2 helps you strengthen your shipping process even with your distant demographics. Through this extension, you can create a new shipping method for your online store that lets you add an individual shipping price per product based on your business requirements. You can easily set default shipping rates for the rest of your products.

What is Shipping price per product Magento 2?

Shipping price per product Magento 2 lets you edit and manage your global as well as individual prices for the product. You can set the shipping price of entire orders or single products. Moreover, through this extension, you can even restrict your shipping to any specific country or location, or province.

How does the Shipping price per product Magento 2 work?

When you add your products in multiple quantities, the default functionality will accordingly add the shipping rate on those quantities in the cart itself. If you use this extension, you can customize your pricing strategy and set a uqnique or same shipping price for only one product in any quantity.

The admin will apply those shipping rates for multiple quantities of the same product that are added to the cart. You don’t have to manually add shipping rates for all products.

Importantly, this extension has the functionality to set the minimum or maximum shipping price for the entire order as a whole and not as an individual product.

Free Shipping Label for Customers

Shipping Price Per Product has a unique functionality that lets you set free shipping for customers. You can apply this to offer your customers whose cart value reaches a particular amount. Ask your admin to set the amount. Such an extension is quite compatible and accessible on all platforms and for products like simple, bundle, or configurable products.

 Flexible Shipping Rate For Specified Product 

Do you have a lot of unique items in different sizes and shapes like bulky or fragile or extravagant items? Try this Magento 2 shipping Price per product extension now. It lets you keep a flexible shipping rate for a particular product depending on the different attributes of the product.

 Setting up Default Shipping Price automatically

Once you have set up the default shipping fee for different kinds of shipping methods, including the shipping method per product, the module will automatically leverage that default fee the moment the customers pick their desired shipping method.

 Shipping Per Country Per Product

The Magento 2 Shipping Per Product let the store owners set up different shipping prices per country per product considering the distance of shipping – how much is near or far.

So when the customer completes their order and selects their desired shipping method, it will automatically calculate the total price and charge a delivery fee based on the distance giving customers the best possible pricing.

 Multiple Countries Shipping Allowance 

Magento 2 Shipping Per Product extension let the customers select the state or locality for their chosen delivery country for per product shipping rate. Well, this may not be feasible with delivery destinations like Netherlands or Italy. So, in that case, customers will have to manually type or search the shipping destination in case they do not find any suggestion for delivery.

Enable or Disable Shipping Per Product

The Magento 2 store owner can easily enable or disable the shipping per product function from the backend to fit perfectly into any of the business specifications.


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