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We all love perfection, right, when it comes to shopping for the right size. The same concept applies for your online customers who are looking for exact sizes and fitting from your clothing line. In the current scenario, sizes vary from brand to brand due to difference in cutting.

However, when it comes to online shopping, customers don’t have facility to try and shop. As a result, you should include size charts in your website so that customers can shop accordingly.

Therefore, integrate Magento 2 Size Chart Extension in your online store now!

What is Magento 2 Size Chart Extension?

Size Chart Magento 2 Extension helps you in showcasing the size charts on the frontend for customers. This will make sizing decisions easy for the customers during online shopping.

With the help of this extension, you can add a detailed sizing guide to your details for increasing the customer satisfaction in selecting the product. Admins can easily add the static block, image, content or whatever he wants to display. This will be showing in the size chart through pop up through HTML code and WYSIWYG editor.

The owner of the online store can significantly set the size globally or product specific or based on the requirement of customers. Install Magento 2 Size Chart Extension now and avail this benefit today!

Why do you need a Magento 2 size chart extension?

When it comes to webstore, you cannot miss out on size charts. It makes users confident about their purchase. Today, every brand stores have sizing chart for each and every product. Additionally, you can hire Cynoinfotech for integrating Magento 2 Size Chart extension in your online store.

  • Well-designed size charts contribute to UX. It makes your online store user friendly
  • Clarity of sizes often boost the purchase intent of customers

Features of Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

Some of the significant features of Magento 2 Size Chart Extensions are-:


Magento 2 Size Chart Extension is PWA ready. It will optimise your online shopping experience making your store a faster, more reliable, and more engaging platform to shop. This feature gives a guarantee to run smoothly on different screens as well.

Flexibly display size chart button

If you install the Magento 2 Size Chart extension, you can easily place the icon of the size chart at multiple positions. However, this needs to be configure from the backend. Also, this extension help you in selecting the location of the size button manually just by adding a few snippets. If you stuck somewhere, feel free to reach out to Cynoinfotech now!

Unlimited size charts

Every ecommerce store comes with an array of products. Therefore shop owners have to deal with huge workout segregating their size guides for every items manually.

With the help of Magento 2 Size Chart extension, you can set up size guides and size tables for every single product automatically without any additional hassle. The sizes will be decided based on the catalog rules set by the admin in backend.

Set up rules

Through Magento 2 Size Chart you can show inline and popup size chart. You can choose among the two Layouts: static in product page content or in popup to display the size chart. Along with that, you can set rules to add size charts to your specific products.

For instance, the chest width, body length and sleeve length vary from age to age of kids. So, you can use this extension and apply rule in the backend to set single or multiple conditions on your products.

Add Magento 2 size guide to the product and boost your sales conversion to the fullest. Contact Cynoinfotech now and improve the shopping experience of your customer.

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