Overview of Reindex Magento 2 Extension

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The competition in the online store is growing at a breakneck. Brands are competing on the product line and launching new products in order to win the audience at the helm. However, with every new product, there comes new information that needs to be indexed.

Moreover, when you add new information, you will have to reindex the data. For that, install the Reindex Magento 2 Extension now! Let’s know more in detail-

What is Magento 2 Reindex Extension?

Magento 2 Reindex Extension is a robust solution for simplifying the administration of your store. Through this extension, you can quickly and conveniently update individual as well as all indexes right from the backend of Magento admin. Magento 2 Reindex Extension contributes crucially to providing a convenient interface for monitoring all the indexers’ status and delivering the necessary tools for automatically updating the indexers.

This extension is perfectly suitable for the QA department and project manager whole testing the functionality and productivity of new product. While QA Analyst uses this plugin specifically during the site development.

However, this extension isn’t an effective one for large production environment.

How does Reindex Magento 2 Extension work?

Reindex Magento 2 Extension plays an important part in reindexing all the crucial data in a few seconds. It holds the ability to set the mode for indexing and take multiple actions for reindexing the data. This is 100% open source and easy to use and install extension that ensures user friendly interface. You do not have to make any core code changes.

Cynoinfotech’s Admin Reindex & Quick Cache Extension for Magento assess the admin for reindexing and flushing the cache quickly through any page of the admin dashboard. And the best part is that you do not have to run the command in the console.

Why choose Cynoinfotech’s Admin Reindex & Quick Cache Extension for Magento 2?

  • No need to face any complication while handling the reindexing and cache management
  • This will improve performance of store admin through flushing and indexing the cache speedily
  • Easy and convenient to automate the reindexing and flushing process
  • Saves the time & energy for the admin in case if there’s any update on Magento store.
  • Boost your store’s admin performance by reindexing and flushing the cache fastly.
  • Automated and convenient reindexing and flush cache process for improving the store’s performance

Reindexing all Indexers with just one click

Reindex Magento 2 Extension allow the store owners for submitting the data that requires reindexing in just a few moment. Through the backend of admin panel, you can easily select or deselect all the indexes and take the necessary action as required.

This is extremely a time-saving task for store owners whenever there is an update on all the online store data. Through this extension, you don’t have to run any command line with unfamiliar codes. The store admin will Reindex all the data accordingly from the backend.

Get the notification of reindexing

Once you have indexed all the data, you will be able to see the notification. This will inform the store admins that the indexing process has been rebuilt successfully.

In case there are more than one reindexes, you will get notification about the aggregate updates. Make sure that the respective store admin ensures the actions and frontend performance for the final result.

Speed up your routine processes of manually checking of the indexes now! Call Cynoinfotech now to install the Reindex Magento 2 Extension now!

Check the live status of reindexation

Do you know Reindex Magento 2 Extension offers handy grid management? This extension lets you find out the possible errors and check the stage of reindexation for each indexer. You can check the live status in the ‘status’ column. Start tracing every indexer in just one place.

Running the Magento 2 data reindexing on save

Once you configure the Magento 2 reindexing extension, you can automatically check this out as soon as you have saved the data changes. This will help you in delivering the important information to the customers as soon as possible. And, you guessed it right. It will further strengthen the customer base, improve the loyalty and build their trust even when you have to modify the product information very frequently.

Want to install the Reindex Magento 2 Extension? Hire Cynoinfotech Now!

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