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What is price per product shipping?

Price Per product shipping is a premium extension that manages the shipping rate of the product from each and every corner of the country based on customer location. With this Magento 2 Shipping Price Per Product, don’t have to look after the shipping rates for each and every product.

Moreover, even the store admin can add extra handling fees at the checkout that will be clubbed and calculated with standard shipping prices so users can easily view the rates while making the surcharge invisible.

Do you know – it has the functionality to restrict shipping for any particular country?

How should shipping be calculated?

While calculating the shipping price per product, you must include shipping point and origin, dimension, expected delivery and weight of the package. However, with this Magento 2 Extension Shipping price per product, you can compare and calculate rates using a shipping cost calculator.

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How Does The Magento 2 Shipping per product price Extension Work?

The admin can integrate the extension for charging the shipping price per product. He can set the shipping calculator for determining the shipping charge (based on location), custom title and method name. If required, the admin has the authority for setting the handling fees, selecting the locations for permitting the shipping per product, and setting the default shipping rate when the rate is not assigned to an individual product.

Through this extension, the admin can also generate an error message to show for unavailability of the shipping method. Moreover, he can set the minimum and maximum order amount too for applying the shipping rate per product.

Once you have set every detail about your product and its shipping information and requirements, the frontend display for shipping per product will change and calculate the sun accordingly. You can check out that total on the checkout and cart page.

Customers can visit the “My Account” page in order to check the shipping price per product details. And for admins, the “Orders” section in the backend will have all these details to increase business.

Key Features of Magento 2 Shipping Price Per Product

Some of the features that give you significant reasons for installing the Magento 2 Shipping price per product extension are-:

Individual Shipping Rate Per Product

Through this extension, you can set individual shipping rates of products and charge extra and accordingly in different countries.

Enable or Disable “Shipping Per Product”

With the help of the store admin, you can accordingly enable or disable shipping per product and create unlimited shipping methods based on your shipping strategies.

Backend Management

With the Magento 2 Shipping per product extension, you can edit the shipping charges pre or post launch and also customize the shipping method name and title. You may require this extension in cases where your products need to be charged a little higher due to their fragility and delicacy.

How Per-Product Shipping Can Be Used

Per-Product Shipping can be used in two ways:

Multiple Shipping Methods:

You can enable this method in cases when your store offers you a bulky product. So if you want to put extra prices for that particular product, you will have to create a fee to be added to that specific product. Now in case of multiple shipping items, you can represent –

  • The cost of shipping that bulky item
  • The default shipping cost of other items

Standalone Method:

In this shipping method, you can add all of your product costs into one single rate. So, if you choose a standalone method, you cannot offer any other shipping method.

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