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Payment restrictions Magento 2 extension helps to restrict the payment methods on order subtotal, shipping method, shipping region, product attributes, SKU, store views, specific days, and customer groups. Also, disable a payment method for a specific store view payment method not show if the customer will come from different store views.

  • The extension allows the payment restrictions method based on rules
  • Restrict payment methods for various subtotal and product attributes
  • Restrict payment methods for various shipping methods, shipping regions
  • Disable any payment method for as per condition combination
  • Restrict payment of any product as per its availability
  • Compatible with any payment method to improve store productivity
  • Support all type of products

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In Magento 2, payment restrictions can be applied to control which payment methods are available to customers based on certain conditions. Magento 2 provides several built-in payment restriction options that can be configured in the admin panel. Here are some commonly used payment restrictions in Magento 2

The payment option plays an important role in the online store. Creating multiple payment rules for the online store is the main thing for the store owner. In the eCommerce store, all payment methods are not available for all customer groups. Payment Restrictions Magento 2 extension allows creating various and flexible payment method conditional rules for specific products or specific categories.

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions extension allows the store owner to restrict cash on delivery payment method on any day of the week for any particular customer group. Also, the admin can allow bank transfers for wholesaler customer groups for their big amount of purchases. Payment Restrictions Magento 2 extension helps the store admin to restrict certain payment method options for the customer as per country, state, city, and zip code.

Payment Restrictions Extension in Magento 2 is compatible with any payment method to improve the productivity of the online store. The store admin can create multiple payment restrictions rules.

How does this Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Extension work?

The respective admin will create a set of payment restriction rules through the backend by inserting store view selection, checkout rules, payment modes and conditions, customer segmentation, and more. Based on the attributes and characteristics of products, the admin will further set the conditions.

After configuring the extension, creating conditions, and defining the rules, the admin will enable restrictions. So whenever any user will shop from your site, he will have to fulfill the conditions of payment restrictions as stated in the rule.  


Create Multiple Restrictions Rules

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions helps you to create multiple rules for restrict payment method based on various condition and configuration. With Payment Restrictions extension restrict the payment process based on the business requirements that improve the whole payment system of Magento 2 stores to exceed productivity.

The store owner will remove the option of paying through COD or cheque for a specific condition like a specific product, category, and customer group.

Payment Restrictions 4
payment restrictions 6

Single or Multiple Payment Method for Restrictions

Admin can select multiple payment methods while creating restrictions rules and set its priority base on the store’s requirement.

Also, Admin can set status enable or disable payment restrictions extension as per business requirement.

Restrict Payment Method by Product SKU, Category ID, and Product Attributes

You can restrict selected payment methods based on certain product attributes, multiple SKUs, and categories.

The payment method will not display if fulfill any condition. You can select the ‘any’ or ‘all’ option based on the requirement.

payment restrictions 10
payment restrictions 11

Restrict Payment Methods By Shipping Methods And Billing Address

Restrict payment methods by shipping carriers like Fixed, FedEx, UPS, table rate, store-pickup, etc. Restrict payment methods like COD, Bank transfer, etc. when selected specific shipping method.

Restrict payment methods based on the customer’s billing address.

  • Postal Codes
  • Restrict by Country
  • Restrict by Region (state, province, etc.)

Restrict Payment Methods By Specific Day

Disable a payment method for the specific day while a bank or an offline payment not available

With this extension stop ‘offline payment’ (like bank transfer) on weekends and restrict all payment methods or any particular methods on any day.

payment restrictions 12
payment restrictions 8

Payment Restricted By Store View And Customer Group

Disable a payment method for a specific store view payment method not show if the customer will come from different store views.

Also, you can disable the payment method for the selected customer group.

Features of Magento 2 payment restrictions Extension

Restrictions based shipping attributes

Restrictions based shipping attributes

Payment method restrictions may include limitations based on shipping attributes like weight, destination, Postal Codes, Country, state, province.

Payment Restrictions based on store view

Payment Restrictions based on store view

Involve limiting payment methods based on each store view, customers can view different payment methods based on store views.

Restrictions based on product attributes

Restrictions based on product attributes

Restrictions in e-commerce platforms involve limiting Payment methods based on SKU, category, size, color, brand, and product attributes.

Payment based on customer groups

Payment based on customer groups

Customer group-based restrictions in e-commerce platforms enable specific payment methods for specific customer groups.

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24 reviews for Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Extension

  1. P Wilhelm

    This extension works as described. Great useful features, to secure my store in such way. Support team is excellent and fast responded.

  2. Joyal

    I restricted payment methods like cash on delivery for certain groups with this extension. Thank you, cynoinfotech team, for developing this great tool.

  3. Robert RM

    I was looking extension to limit payment system for shipping region and shipping method. This is extension completes all my requirement. Easy to configure with my store. Such a wonderful extension and team work.

  4. krish

    We will use restrict payment extension fo customer attributes and it is a thoughtful feature.

  5. Clark

    The support received was fantastic and quick! Well developed module.

  6. synergydental

    The author sent an updated plugin archive that now works for Magento 2.2.6. Very quick support answers. Happy with purchase.

  7. Popenko

    I just Installed extension, comparatively it’s really great extension.

  8. eathen

    Thank you so much for the great support, we recommend to everyone to use this features full extension!!

  9. Dunian

    I am very satisfied with the provided features of this extension. No issues in the installation and works very well as described.

  10. Ondria

    using payment restriction magento 2 extension we can restrict offline payment methods in our store. Easy to install and configure with the theme.

  11. Stave

    This is our first extension of cynoinfotech. The code is good and it works perfectly as described. Definitely recommended.

  12. Andron

    This extension helps me restrict payment methods based on various Cart subtotal and product attributes for my store. Easy to install and works as described. Recommended!!

  13. Goslav

    Payment Restrictions magento 2 extension is an available suitable payment method for our customers as per their region. The configuration is also easy-to-use and friendly. Happy to use this extension for our store.

  14. Gabrrial

    This module did something we were missing. Because of different tax classes based on region, we needed urgently restrict some of payment methods by region or rules. And it just worked out of the box!

  15. Roweal

    Payment restriction extension is working as expected. I am very happy with the performance of this extension. I am very happy with instant support provided by the team.

  16. Monalisa

    Payment restriction fulfills all our requirements and performs greatly. The developing team set up all features, now all works like a charm. Thank you for this featureful extension.

  17. Saune

    With this extension restrict specific payment methods for various shipping regions. Easy to set up in our store and works very well. Keep it up!!

  18. Manasa

    It helps to restrict payment methods based on cart conditions Magento 2.3.X or higher but not supported 2.1.x version
    Thank you so much.

  19. D Shenzhen

    Great extension that what i am looking for. I had some little bit issue when installing it , issue is that conflict with other extension that i already install in my store. But team is very brilliant, that solve issue within an min time. Keep it up.!!!

  20. kauky

    Awesome extension, restrict payment methods based various shipping method, shipping region, subtotal and product attributes. Works with all latest Magento 2 version and custom theme. Highly recommend this extension to restrict payment method.

  21. zheng

    Easy to install and feature-full extensions and the support from the team are excellent!!

  22. synergy

    The author sent an updated extension archive that now works very well for Magento 2.2.6. Very quick support from the team. Happy with purchase.

  23. Jacek Gajda

    Payment restrictions extension helps me to set restricted payment methods as I want for my store. Easy to install and works as described. Recommended!!

  24. Iansmoly

    I need some customization work on the payment restriction extension. Very impressed with the work of cynoinfotech team. They did what I needed within my time frame, definitely recommend it.

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What is Magento 2 Payment Restrictions?

Magento 2 Payment Restrictions refers to functionality within the Magento 2 e-commerce platform that allows you to apply certain restrictions base on conditions to the payment methods available to customers during the checkout process.

How to Restrict Payment methods in Magento 2?

Payment Restrictions Magento 2 extension create condition base rules that restrict payment method
Ex: cash on delivery restriction if subtotal greater than 50 then restrict cash on delivery payment method also apply in stores and customer groups.

How to configure restrict shipping methods in Magento 2?

Go to “Stores” > “Configuration” > “CynoInfotech” > “Payment Restrictions” > Enable Option Yes

05 January 2024

- Update package and update version 1.0.7
- compatible with php 8.2
- compatible with Upto Magento 2.4.6

07 January 2023

- Update package and update version 1.0.6
- compatible with Upto Magento 2.4.5

14 June 2022

- Update package and update version 1.0.5
- compatible with Upto Magento 2.4.4

27 Oct 2021

- Update package and update version 1.0.3
- compatible with Magento 2.4.X

25 August 2020

- Update package and update version 1.0.2

06 july 2020

- Update package and update version 1.0.1
- miner bug fixed.

18 May 2019

- fix condition issue.

2 October 2018

- update code 
- fix multiple payment issue
- resolved loading issue
- fix day selection issue 
- Bug fix

2 July 2018

-Initial release