Success Page Magento 2 Extension – Overview |Conversion Improving Benefits|

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Do you want to increase your customer retention & sales just by replacing the order confirmation page? Start using Success Page Magento 2 Extension now!

Okay. Let’s discuss about Magento 2 Success Page Extension.

Customizing your “Thank you page” has never been this easy! You just have to integrate this extension and personalize the module for building customer loyalty at the helm. This extension will edit all the sections of the page as per the requirements of your business.

What is Magento 2 Success Page Extension?

Magento 2 Success Page is an extension that lets you personalise your thank you page by adding the required information. This lets you generate new opportunities for attracting new customers, and boosting your sales at the helm.

Moreover, this extension will let the existing customers to log into the store and place an order without any additional hassle.

With the help of Magento 2 Success Page extension, you can engage, interact and retain your customers on social media platforms. You can display the social icons, subscription button and more so that customers can stay updated with anything newly launched.

Most importantly, you can anytime edit or delete these icons or buttons as and when your business demands. If you’re still in doubt, hire Cynoinfotech now!

What is the Magento 2 Order Confirmation Page?

Is Magento 2 Order Confirmation Page the same as Magento 2 Success Page?

Magento 2 Order Confirmation Page includes a list of information related to products, delivery dates and shipping address. You can call it a Thank You Page.

Being an order confirmation page, you can facilitate a quick and smooth interaction among the users and deliver them a delightful shopping experience. To streamline this page, use Success Page Magento 2 Extension now!

Extensive Features of Success Page Magento 2 Extension

  1. Get Order Details on Order Success Page

With the help of Success Page Magento 2 Extension, you can review your order details and confirm your shipping address by allowing additional block of order details. Through this you can confirm your checkout details like-

  • Payment method
  • Links and images of products
  • Billing address
  • Shipment method
  • Total amount (inclusive of tax)
  • Order number
  1. Share your orders from Thank-you Page

If you install Success page Magento 2 Extension, you can share your orders from thank you page. Here you will have powerful social buttons for sharing your order with your friends and family.

In fact, these social buttons altogether make your page lively, interactive and reliable. It increases the chances of building trust among the customers. When you share orders and social buttons on the last page, it attracts new visitors and improves your conversion rate.

  1. Easy to Subscribe Newsletter on Checkout Success Page

Your success page not only streamlines your order details and shipment method but also helps shop owners to stay in constant touch with their customers.

You can place newsletter subscription box after installing the Success Page Magento 2 Extension, collect the email address of customers and keep sending newsletter to keep your brand at the top of the voice recall. Besides that-

  • Update your customers with new launch
  • Includes promotion ads and loyalty programs
  • Release best discount deals

This extension is the best technique for maintaining a strong relationship between customers and stores at the helm.

  1. Facilitates cross selling

Success Page Magento 2 Extension offers a significant level of cross selling support. Through this feature, you can cross sell or supplement or complement your products. This will boost your sales revenue, strengthen customer base and increase the buyer’s intent drastically.

Admin has to add the product slider block for promoting ‘Products you may also like’ to improve customers and streamline customer lifetime value with deeper integration.


Give us a call now to boost your business and promote your products with Success Page Magento 2 Extension!

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