Top 5 Magento 2 Extensions

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1. Magento 2 payment restrictions:

Magento 2 payment restrictions extensions are third-party add-ons that enhance the default payment restrictions feature in Magento 2. These extensions provide additional functionalities and options to further customize and control the availability of payment methods. With Magento 2 payment restrictions extensions, you can have more granular control over the criteria for restricting payment methods, such as product attributes, order total, customer attributes, and more. These extensions expand the capabilities of Magento 2’s native payment restrictions, allowing you to create complex rules and conditions to precisely define which payment methods are available for different scenarios. Overall, Magento 2 payment restrictions extensions offer an advanced and flexible solution to manage and optimize the checkout process by tailoring the available payment options to your specific business requirements.

2. Magento 2 shipping restrictions:

Magento 2 shipping restrictions extensions are additional modules that extend the functionality of Magento 2’s native shipping restrictions feature. These extensions provide enhanced capabilities to control and limit the availability of shipping methods based on various criteria. With Magento 2 shipping restrictions extensions, you can set specific conditions and rules to determine which shipping methods are available for different customer groups, regions, product types, or order attributes. These extensions allow you to create customized shipping restrictions that align with your business requirements and provide a tailored shipping experience for your customers. By using This extensions, you can efficiently manage and optimize your shipping options, ensuring that the available methods are relevant and appropriate for different scenarios.

3. Magento 2 shipping price per product:

Magento 2 does not have a built-in feature to set shipping prices per product. However, you can achieve this functionality using third-party extensions specifically designed for Magento 2. These extensions enable you to customize and set shipping prices based on individual products or product attributes. With a Magento 2 shipping price per product extension, you can assign unique shipping rates to each product or group of products. This allows you to account for variations in weight, size, fragility, or any other factors that may impact the shipping cost.

By utilizing a shipping price per product extension, you gain the flexibility to configure shipping rates that accurately reflect the actual costs associated with shipping individual items. This customization helps you offer transparent and accurate shipping pricing to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience while ensuring that your shipping costs are appropriately accounted for.

4. Magento 2 Product Label:

A Magento 2 Product Label extension is a powerful tool that allows you to add visually appealing labels or badges to your product images in a Magento 2 store. These labels serve as eye-catching indicators to highlight specific product information, promotions, or offers, ultimately capturing the attention of customers and potentially increasing sales. With this extension, you can create and customize labels based on various criteria such as new arrivals, best sellers, discounts, limited stock, or any other attributes that you want to emphasize. The extension typically provides rule-based labeling functionality, enabling you to automate the process of applying labels to products based on specific conditions or attributes. This saves you time and effort in managing labels for a large number of products. Additionally, the extension offers flexibility in label positioning, allowing you to place them strategically on your product images, such as in the top left corner, bottom right corner, or any other desired location. Overall, a Product Label Magento 2 extension empowers you to enhance the visual appeal of your products and effectively convey important information or promotions to your customers, ultimately improving the shopping experience and driving conversions.

5. Magento 2 store pickup:

Magento 2 Store Pickup refers to a feature or extension available in the Magento 2 platform that allows customers to choose a store or pickup location to collect their online orders. With Magento 2 Store Pickup, customers can place an order on a Magento 2 store and then select the option to pick up the items themselves instead of opting for delivery. This feature provides convenience and flexibility to customers who prefer to collect their purchases in person, often saving on shipping costs and reducing delivery wait times. Magento 2 Store Pickup enables businesses with physical store locations to leverage their existing infrastructure and provide an omnichannel experience to their customers, bridging the gap between online and offline shopping. By repeating the term Store Pickup Magento 2 we emphasize its significance in the context of the Magento 2 platform and its ability to enhance the customer experience through the option of in-store order pickup.

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