What Is The Best Distance-Based Shipping Extension In Magento 2?

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The success of online business lies in the successful delivery of product. Shipping plays a very crucial role in delivering the best shopping experience to your customers.

It is extremely important to select the best shipping partner who can streamline the delivery of products at the right time, at the right place and to the right customer.

However the cost of shipping vary as per the height and weight, type of the product and location of the customer. In order to deal with the best distance based demographics, you can choose Default Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping Extension.

What is Magento 2 Distance Shipping Extension?

Distance Based Shipping Magento 2 Extension lets you fix your shipping rates regardless of the product size, weight and the location of delivery. However, charging the same shipping charge to all the customers may seem unfair because as discussed it should vary as per the nature of product and delivery location.

Therefore you should calculate the distance of the customer from your nearby warehouse and charge the shipping rates accordingly. This will help you in reducing the cart abandonment improving your business significantly.

How Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping Extension works?

Magento 2 Distance based shipping extension allows the store owner in creating a custom shipping method for calculating the shipping charges based on warehouse and customer delivery location. It uses Official Google Map API for Geocoding and reverse Geocoding of addresses.

The admin will manage the store backend by setting the distance units and applying the shipping charges accordingly. He can set the max and min order amounts for enabling the custom shipping methods in the store frontend.

That’s how this extension eliminates the biased shipping process significantly.

Prominent Features of Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping Extension

Give a Custom Name & Title to custom Shipping Method

With the help of Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping extension, you can give a custom name and title to your shipping method. These titles will appear on the frontend and accordingly explain about the same.

Easy to add warehouse location

Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping extension will help you to add the warehouse location and original address. It will automatically generate the longitude and latitude of that particular location. Hire Cynoinfotech if you face any kind of technical glitch.

Selecting the distance and Shipping parameter 

By installing the Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping extension, you can choose to apply the shipping charges based on the distance and shipping parameters. Select per item and multiply with the no. of items in the cart to prepare a fixed or per unit shipping charge.

Setting the Conditions of shipping

If you want to add some rules or condition to your shipping method, choose ‘Shipping Country’ attribute to trigger the rule. Specify the country, location and method into the rule.

Multi warehouse inventory

The  Distance Based Shipping Magento 2 Extension offers multi warehouse inventory option.Ithelps the admin in adding up the unlimited no of warehouse for collecting the shipment from the nearby warehouses. This will be enabled to the customers in the frontend section.

Role of admin in installing the Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping Extension for your business

  • The admin is all free to enable or disable the Distance Rate Shipping method of their Products
  • He can easily set to apply the shipping charges item wise
  • You can ask your admin to set the shipping charges per unit distance
  • Admin can significantly set up the maximum coverage area
  • Admin can set up the custom error message when the shipping details are not showing
  • Admin can easily set the unit distance in miles or kilometre
  • Based on the ‘Latitude and Longitude’ and ‘Google Map Distance Matrix’ admin can quickly set up the distance calculation

Hire Cynoinfotech now to install the Magento 2 Distance Based Shipping Extension and streamline your shipping process.

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