Why Migrate eCommerce Website to Magento 2 Platform?

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Migrate website to a new eCommerce platform called re-platforming.  The main important things of the migration are the ability to easily add all functionalities to increase user experience, sales, quick loading of the page, boost traffic on the website, page ranking, apply innovative ideas easily.

There are abundant options available for migration, but recent global study Magento 2  is the most principal position eCommerce platform that holds a 30% eCommerce market platform. Lots of advanced features, migration of products, blog posts, and orders, customers, and CMS pages make Magento 2 platform fit for any eCommerce business.

There are so many reasons to migrate the eCommerce website to the Magento2 platform. We are highlighting the amazing main features of Magento 2 :

1. Community: Magento is an open-source platform and modifies or alter existing features as per smaller & medium-sized businesses requirements. Magento 2 community is helping to build a unique online eCommerce store for start-up projects from the ground up. This is the most one cloud solution that has all features like easy to install, easy to fit enrich security, optimized coding, the conjunct potential to grow up sales, support.

2. Scalability: Magento 2 is a highly potent and scalability open-source eCommerce platform that allows merchants to set up, run and grow business without any bother. Merchants are doubtful over Magento 2 platform scalability whenever they think about choosing Magento 2 as a prime option for their online store. At this time Merchant needs to choose the top Magento 2 development company to upgrade the store without any inaccuracy.

3. Abound Customization Options: Magento 2 is open source and allows customizing existing features that compatible with business requirement. Third-party developers develop abound extension that expands the store’s sales value. Merchant can use customized Magento 2 extensions to increase scalability of the business. With Magento 2 store owners will manage so many different stores from one admin panel.

4. The end of support & security: The security of an online store is a primary tangle that directs impact on online store success. Furthermore, technical support from the Magento community is massive and very helpful. This helps in updating you about new versions, new features, and other up-gradation. Strong data encryption is the plus point of Magento 2 security features.

5. Accessible checkout: Magento 2 has advanced checkout process functionality. The store owner can customize the checkout process as per the store’s requirement. So many features like free shipping, extra fees, shipping charge, shipping restriction, payment restriction, condition-based shipping, shipping rules, payment charge etc… Set on Magento 2 checkout process. In short, the smooth running checkout process can reduce the shopping cart desertion rate and amplify sales.

6. Mobile Experience: These days’ online business and online store need mainly focused on mobile users. The customer uses their smartphones before shopping for their favorite products. Magento 2 is built with a responsive mobile friendly that adjusts to any device screen. Magento 2 has modern API suited functionality with better equipped to AID java skill levels. Mobile-friendly features of Magento 2 attract more customers as well as get more apposite feedback to make further reform.

7. User-Friendly: All eCommerce merchants want to make their store user-friendly for the customers. Magento 2 is enriching with the customer platform. That allows boosting sales, amending with fast checkout, browsing catalog comfortably and effectively. Two-step checkout processes allow the customer to log in to their account and continue with a smoother checkout process.

8. SEO- Friendly: Magento 2 comes with SEO friendly package features that help website high ranking in search engines. It generates Google sitemap, URL structure, tags, description, indexing, increase page loading speed that quickly finds online stores completely easy. Image Alt Tags Magento 2 extension is GDPR-compliant that does not collect store and share any user data.

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