5 Amazing Magento Development Features to Watch Out For in 2019

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Digitalization has become so pivotal in the 21st century that it is impossible to run a successful business with online appearance. And also It is essential to pick a perfect eCommerce platform that ensures easily navigable pages, quick loading of pages, and integration of innovative ideas.

Magento becomes the Most popular eCommerce platform that is used by millions and billions of users across the globe. Reason? just because of its promises and deliveries. Magento is a preferred choice of numerous developers and business owners worldwide.  As it comes with a lot of advanced features, it is considered to be a trusted choice for eCommerce businesses.

There are Lots of reasons to choose Magento as your eCommerce platform few of them are listed below Have a look at Magento Features:

  • It Is An Open Source Platform:  Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform. So it’s appreciable for the smaller & medium-sized businesses to use the eCommerce technology for totally free of charge. And also we can modify or alter the source code as per our requirement.
  •  Personalized Shopping Experiences: Personalization has become a necessary feature nowadays, and by using magento we can monitor shopper’s behavior, These behavior helps in providing with personalized suggestions.  For Example, you can send emails or push notification to shoppers on the basis of their shopping trends.
  • Smarter Organic Searches: It is extremely censorious for your online store or website to rank higher on Google SERPs. So for that, the best ways in which the position can be improved are keeping in mind the SEO and SMO. Magento 2 has built-in drag-and-drop visual merchandising which helps in improve on this.
  • Streamlined Checkout:  Checkout is an important step of a sales process where a customer is a is just a  few clicks away from making a purchase something and an eCommerce store owner is about to make a sale. Customers will be surely happier if the checkout process is smooth and fast. for that  Magento 2 helps to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate. Hence the Fast checkout option surely helps us to reach a high conversion rate.
  • High Speed: Speed is the foremost requirement that customers needs from a website. You are able to quickly build a User-friendly eCommerce site  With Magento 2 that provides around  20% more rate in comparison with Magento 1.x.


Thus, Magento comes with a lot of advanced features, it is considered to be a trusted choice for eCommerce businesses. The delightful features of the Magento platform attract developers to design the websites that are crucial for the growth of the business. To stay updated with some new innovative trends in Magento development, Magento  2 extension and many more, stay tuned and connected with our upcoming article.

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