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Do you like to create a new account right before making a purchase?

Many time customers don’t shop from the online store because they will be forced to create an account during the checkout page. And the most important part is that if the store owners do not interact with the customers, they won’t come back to you store again.

As a result, Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension comes into the picture. This extension allow the visitors to shop from your online store without creating any account. Therefore, this module must be incorporated into your online store because it keeps your customer in touch.

Also, with the help of this extension, you can gather information about the customer database. Based on that, store owners can offers personalised services on their next visit considering their tastes, preferences and desires. In fact, this extension lets you build healthy relationship with your customers that makes them feel heard and connected.

Let’s discuss about Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension in detail-:

What is Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension?

Guest to Customer is an advanced Magento 2 Extension that helps you in creating an account for return users so you can place an order right from the backend. This advanced feature has been developed by BSS Commerce that contributes crucially in automatically creating new accounts for the unregistered customers after the checkout.

Moreover, Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension also help the admin in managing the guest users with the intelligent function of order saving email. This let the first users in making the purchasing without having an account.

Later, at the checkout, it converts the guest into customer account. Moreover, store owners often prefer to have register customers in their list so that they can pitch new offers and products in the second time purchase.

Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension lets you assign a suitable customer group from the configuration to convert the guest into registered customers. You can save the billing information for avoiding the data filling for further orders.

While using this extension, you can collect the customer data for boosting your sales and conversion through email marketing. This will help you in earning trust of your customers and building a loyal relationship thereon.

How Does The Guest to Customer Extension Works?

The admin configures the extension by converting the guest to customers – automatically or manually. Through this extension, admin can create segmented groups automatically. Once the guests are converted into registered users, the orders will be assigned with the same checkout mail. Admin can prepare a unique grid in the backend where all the customer information and database will be saved and segregated.

And from the frontend side, when any customer places an order, this extension will automatically convert guest into registered customers and accordingly save their information. Moreover, they will be notified through an email. That’s how this extension brings win-win situation for users (they do not have to register for an account) and store owners (as they will get the customer data).

Which are the benefits of using Guest to Customer Magento 2 Extension?

Magento 2 Guest to Customer Extension is popularly used in eCommerce site for converting the guest into registered customers based on the information collected. Some of the key benefits of using this extension are-:

  • It lets youmake multi store configuration with a single installation
  • You can automatically convert the guest into registered customers after the checkout process
  • Easy to create suitable segmentation from admin panel
  • Send notification to users for account creation along with login ID and passwords through email
  • Admin can choose the email template from the dropdown
  • Easy to collect and save the customer database for leveraging the marketing purposes

Hire Cynoinfotech now for installing the guest to customer Magento 2 extension and simplifying the check out process for visitors.

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