How To Setup Advanced Shipping Restrictions In Magento 2 with Cynoinfotech

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Do you want to restrict shipping methods for your Magento 2 store for some particular situations like free shipping? Try Magento 2 to restrict the shipping method. It will resolve all your queries related to shipping restrictions.

The Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions Extension will help you with all types of shipping restrictions that you want to put and let you integrate without any hidden cost! It’s quite easy and convenient for Magento 2 store owners to leverage this type of shipping method for enabling free shipping for any specific customer group.

Also, the Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group Extension let store owners manage shipping and payment method for a particular segment of customers. Want to integrate this Magento extension into your Web store? Hire Cynoinfotech now!
In other words, shipping restrictions for Magento 2 let store owners hide or restrict their particular set of shipping methods for a specific group of customers based on custom attributes, pre-defined products, and shopping carts. This is one of the most effective ways to make your shipping process easy and affordable. Moreover, Magento 2 shipping restrictions significantly contribute to -:

• Restricting the shipment by postcode
• Limiting the shipment by payment modes and methods
• Creating restrictions based on customer groups and store view
• Leveraging billing information for creating specific shipment restriction rule
• Dynamically restricting shipping based on cart rules or selected coupon
• Setting shipping restrictions for specific days

How To Add Shipping Restrictions in Magento 2?

Want to add Magento 2 shipping restrictions for your online store? Check out ‘How’ below -:
The default shipping method on the Frontend view for Magento 2 web stores.
Before enabling the FREE shipping restriction extension for Magento 2 stores, explore various ways of making a delivery -:

Step 1: Configuration

Shipping Restriction: Once you have installed the shipping restrictions successfully, you can enable the extension for your Magento 2 Store.

Frontend View after Shipping Method Restriction enabled

Subsequently, the adjustments and amendments will be imitated, and all other delivery options will be restricted with the FREE shipping restriction for Magento 2 stores.

Limiting specific shipping methods of the carrier

Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions is a productive extension for building a low-cost delivery strategy. Typically the carrier companies propose different types of delivery methods for customers like – sea, air, and land shipments.
It restricts only the unnecessary transportation methods of the carrier instead of blocking all of them. For instance, you can apply restrictions on ground mail methods for products with limited longevity as it takes normally one week to deliver.
Note that you can set or cancel the restrictions at any point in time right from the grid of every particular case.

One mod for complying with any shipping restriction

When you handle different types of brands on an international level, you need to apply a specific set of brand and product type restrictions. This extension will let you enable the rules and leverage mod that’s quite simple and easy to use.

Effective management of shipping areas

You can easily organize delivery destinations into shipping areas and apply restriction rules to all at once. This will let you include or exclude from the area of different countries, states, regions, cities, or zip codes. For instance, you can restrict the delivery to a specific location or region by creating an appropriate area that includes all such destinations.

Restricting the shipping by postcode

By installing Magento 2 advanced Shipping Restrictions, you can set up a postcode as a delivery restriction rule. For instance, you can restrict the zip code that starts from ‘752’ or ends with ‘QWE’ for providing a significant validation.

Applying taxes and discounts to the subtotal of the order

You can choose this extension to apply taxes and discounts to the subtotal of orders and limit certain customers’ facilities. For instance, you can set a system of giving free delivery when the subtotal becomes over $150. In case where someone applies the discount and the subtotal becomes less than $150, he won’t be eligible for free delivery.

The Final Words
Instal shipping restrictions Magento 2 extension with the help of Cynoinfotech and build a cost-effective shipping strategy.
To know more about Magento 2 extensions, stay tuned with us!

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