Why Use the Magento 2 Product Label Extension?

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Increasing sales is a challenging task for merchants and sometimes the most complex one. However, one of the main reasons behind sales fall is not clearly showing the product category or product line. If your online store is messy and clumsy, users will find it difficult to shop from your website. As a result, it becomes extremely important to use the Magento 2 Product Label extension that will highlight your products in the most noticeable way.

Let’s discuss about this extension in detail –

What is Product Label Magento 2 Extension?

Product Label Magento 2 Extension is a unique feature that allow the merchants to create custom labels for their products. This feature lets you add them onto your category page, homepage, product page, wish list, search results and few other custom pages.

Product Label Magento 2 extension will help you in highlighting a set of products with special offers, discounts and promotions. Such labels are designed uniquely for customer groups and stores. This feature contributes crucially in improving the sales of the company by promoting an array of products to the customers at the helm.

This module is categorised as an ultimate solution in attracting the customers and boosting the sales of the online store. The extension developed by Cynoinfotech team helps you in creating your own customised labels by adding the predefined variable text. Hence, after installing this extension you will be able to pitch the best deals to your customers and also notify them of the limited product availability.

Top Rated features of Product label Magento 2 Extension

Some of the top rated and extensively used features of Product label Magento 2 Extensions are-

Ready-to-use appealing labels

Product Label Magento 2 Extension offers you pre made templates. These templates are popularly used in various cases. They are appealing, intuitive, and eye catching so that the store owners can add that into their website.

A few of the templates are even mobile friendly which increase the chances of strengthening the customer base of mobile users. At any point in time, you can edit, configure and save the changes with the utmost convenience through admin.

Apply customized labels

One of the most powerful label – “Best Seller” is easily applicable with this Product Label Magento 2 Extension. It is the most popular badge which most of store owners are interested in adding it to their special products. And, once you add this tag to the product, it will roll out as the most outstanding and premium product – enough to draw customers’ attention.

Cynoinfotech’s product label Magento 2 extension offers full support in categorising their best selling items under the same label. Our experience admins will easily choose the right design of the best selling badge – font size, font style, color, and background to make it look attractive and stunning.

Customizing label message by variables

Product Label Magento 2 Extension permits the admins in choosing the predefined variables on their own. This feature allows the admin to write new variables on labels like sales status, deal quantity left, days left for special offer, percentage of discount offered. {day_left} {percentage_discount}.

Applying rules to product labels

This product label extension lets you highlight the promoted products by using bright images. It makes the product more visible and tempting that will attract the sales on your online store.

Moreover, you can also assign specific labels to respective category by mentioning the rules for displaying. Once you have done this, this feature will automatically and repetitively start applying one label for several items. You don’t have to manually add labels to specific products.

This feature becomes quite helpful because of its time saving nature.

Resizing images and text and using custom CSS

Through Product Label Magento 2 Extension, you can upload your own images, and resize the text in order to create a strong positioning of your brand and its unique product offering. Also, you can also display the discount percentages on your products through dynamic variables or custom text.

If you are looking for Product Label Magento 2 Extensions into your online store, contact Cynoinfotech now!

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